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What’s the best zipline in Maui?

If you’ve never been on a zipline and you’re headed to (or are already on) Maui, you need to book one of these unforgettable tours. Whether you’re flying through the sky in the Eucalyptus forests of upcountry or getting the breeze on your whole body as you look out at the coastal landscapes of the West side, you’ll pump up your adrenaline and end the tour with asking “can we do that again?”

Ziplining consists of you and your friends or family safely strapping into a harness attached to a thick, secure line and flying through the air. If hanging by the pool sounds just as thrilling, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. The freedom of flying is a feeling that will stick with you for a lifetime. Take a look at our options below and sign up today for a Maui zipline tour to set your sights high for your Maui vacation adventure!

Kapalua Ziplines

Located on the very Northwest part of Maui, Kapalua ziplines offers a 5, 6, or 7-line tour that takes you above a stunning landscape with views of the ocean and Molokai off in the distance. If you’re staying on the West side of the island, this is a great option for a Maui zipline experience.

The 5-Line Tour takes about two hours and 40 minutes, travels 6,400 feet, and packs a punch for those who don’t have all day to fly through the air. At Kapalua Ziplines, 2 people can fly at the same time, meaning you and your partner, friend, or family member don’t need to flip a coin to see who goes first. There’s a stunning walk across a 360-foot bridge, where you can capture some incredible shots, you get to go on a Polaris ATV ride, and leave with an eco-friendly souvenir bottle. 

Sometimes called the best zipline in Maui, the most popular 6 Tandem Zip Line Tour travels an impressive 8,500 feet in about 3 hours and flies over some of the best scenery in Maui. When you’re not closing your eyes enjoying the freedom of flight, you’ll see that you’re passing over breathtaking forests, valleys, and gulches. This tour also includes the ATV ride, and a souvenir water bottle.

Want more? With the 7 Line Tour, enjoy the longest, fastest Maui zipline and spend around three hours and 35 minutes ziplining 9,750 feet! Your guides will take you on an educational hike and teach you about the incredible plants and animals on Maui and share some of the best things to do in Hawaii. Bonuses that the other tours don’t include are Maui gold pineapple as a snack, stops at scenic outlooks for photo opportunities, and an advanced level of cultural and ecological information. An afternoon well spent for you and your crew!

Piiholo Ranch Zipline

Grown from a cattle and horseback riding business, Piiholo Ranch Adventures grew into a multifaceted adventure experience, which includes a Maui zipline. This fun and exhilarating adventure is located up Haleakala, the 10,000+ foot mountain on Maui’s East side. If you have people in your party that aren’t as adventurous, they can join a walk-along tour for only $25. With cooler temperatures, stunning views, and super entertaining guides, many claim this to be the best zipline in Maui. 

4-Line Tour

This zipline course has thrilling, tandem courses that range from 420 to 1000 feet long and at heights ranging from 42 feet high to almost 200 feet soaring above the ground. Make sure you keep your eyes open so you can see stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Haleakala mountain.

5-Line Premium Tour

The next level up for this company is a 5-line tour that includes a super long 1420 foot line to the base of Piiholo. Don’t worry, there’s a vehicle waiting for you to bring you back to the top where you can look around at the panoramic views of Maui. The grand finale of this tour is more than a half-mile long and at times flies 600 feet above the ground.

7-Line Treetop Tour

This premium experience may just be the best zipline in Maui! Fly over the Kahakapao Valley and jump from platform to platform up in the trees while being exposed to some of the best views on Maui. This Maui zipline includes a stop at the famous Pirate Ship Tree House, includes canopy tunnels, and lines that range from 175 feet to 930 feet. A must-do for adventurers visiting Maui!

Skyline Hawaii

If you’re looking for a longer adventure, Skyline offers 8-line and 11-line tours on Maui’s West Side from Kaanapali. For a quicker tour, the 5-line adventure on the slopes of Haleakala in Maui’s cool upcountry. Voted #1 zipline company, you can be sure that any of the choices you’ll be experiencing is the best zipline in Maui.

8-Line Adventure Tour (Kaanapali)

This tour runs from 2.5-3.5 hours and takes you into the air above a remote coastline and offers stunning views of the ocean, West Maui mountains and panoramic landscapes. Learn about Hawaii’s rich history from knowledgeable guides and laugh along the way. This is a tour you don’t want to miss.

11-Line Adventure Tour (Kaanapali)

This 3-4-hour tour includes a tandem line so you can race other zipliners in your group, a guide filled with knowledge and humor about your adventure, and 11 lines that cruise above beautiful landscapes. If you love the feel of speed and the wind, you’ll absolutely love this Maui zipline tour.

5-Line Adventure Tour (Haleakala)

On this 1.5-hour tour, travel over 45 miles per hour over 90-foot drops and canyons stacked with tall Eucalyptus trees. Learn about the history and culture from entertaining guides and know that you can join a tour 7 days a week. An added bonus of an Indiana Jones style swinging bridge brings up your adrenaline for an experience you won’t soon forget.

North Shore Zipline Tours

This adventure is located at Camp Maui on the beautiful North Shore. Picture yourself flying at up to 40 miles per hour on ziplines as long as 900 feet long while gazing below at views of the ocean and the stunning landscapes of Maui’s North Shore. Camp Maui has historical significance, as it was headquarters for the US 4thMarine Division during WWII. Northshore offers one Maui zipline tour with 7 lines, read on to learn more!

Seven Zipline Adventure

Whether you’re 5 or 95 years old (and WANT to go on a Maui zipline adventure), you can trust Northshore Zipline’s guides for an incredibly fun adventure. This is a great option for ziplines for kids. This tour features multiple platforms, tall towers, and swinging suspension bridges that span from tree to tree. Take in the views on this Maui zipline of the Pacific Ocean, tree-tops, and upcountry. Stay safe and comfortable with padded three-point harnesses which allow you to swing with a full range of motion while ziplining. This tour takes about two hours and is a guaranteed fun time for all who join! 

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